Valuation Reports for Home Purchase, Matrimonial, Probate, Deed of Gift, Charities Act and Taxation

A limited scope inspection report for the purpose of providing an opinion of Market Value for a specific purpose at a specific date.

The report takes into account condition, only as apparent from a limited inspection.

The valuation is arrived at by reference to the best available market evidence.

Ian Gardner and Graham Cadwallader are RICS Registered Valuers.

RICS HomeBuyer Report

This is the entry-level survey based on an inspection carried out in accordance with RICS Conditions of Engagement, delivered using RICS licenced software.

It is recommended as the best Survey option for most conventional houses and flats and provides an excellent base for planning future maintenance work.

Defects are ranked and colour coded for clarity and all reports contain an opinion of Market Value and a reinstatement value for insurance purposes.

Please refer to our Gallery of defects which may be present and have a material impact on value.

Building Survey, Specific Defects Survey

Designed for older houses and flats that warrant detailed and comprehensive reports setting out all necessary information to deal with maintenance and repair work.

The Building Survey can be tailored to provide the amount of detail required by the Client, from the main structural elements only, to all parts of the property that are accessible. Specific advice for remodelling and refurbishment can also be given.

CPR Compliant Expert Reports for Boundary Disputes, Housing Disrepair, Contractors Disputes and Professional Negligence

We provide Court Procedure Rules compliant reports for litigation purposes.

Schedule of Condition

We provide written and photographic Schedule of Condition, mostly on commercial property.

Lease Extension and Freehold Enfranchisement Premium Cost Calculation

In the case of Leasehold houses and flats, we provide valuation advice on the cost of buying the Freehold or extending the lease.

This is often lower than the price quoted by the Freeholder.

Land Registry Compliant Lease and Title Plans

We prepare Lease Plans for separation of flats and Title plans for land acquisition of land and changes in boundary position.